Supplements for Men's Health


Supplements  to support problems experienced by men:


Hair Growth

For men looking to support healthy ongoing hair growth, our popular supplement Foli-gen is ideal. Folli-gen has been specifically developed to help nourish your hair and maintain healthy hair follicles.

Recognising the concerns that both men and women have about their hair growth and hair condition, we have formulated
Folli-gen to help support the on-going growth of a healthy head of hair.

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Men 50 Plus

Our best-selling supplements are formulated with care to provide high-quality nutritional support for men aged 50+.

Testosterone levels in men naturally decline as as they age, and this may affect sex drive and energy levels. Surprisingly enough, this can start to happen to men as early as in their twenties.

Our food supplements have been specifically designed for men by men! Choose from Original P8, P8 Plus and Proslan-P8.

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Pep up your Love Life

Lost of intimacy is not necessarily down to age! Poor nutrition, ill health, excess weight and alcohol consumption - all these can have a debilitating effect on your love life.

Known as the Viagra of the Amazon, Muira Puama Liriosma ovata is an active botanical with a long history of traditional use as an energy tonic, support for impotence and sexual insufficiency.

A balanced diet and regular exercise (and sex is one of the best forms of exercise after all) is the key to maintaining long-term intimacy!

Along with Formula X, we also stock Herbal vY from Swiss Health, which supports the male sexual function safely and naturally.

Find out more about Formula X and Herbal vY by clicking here.

A Lighter Life for Men

Living a lighter life is great for your self esteem and confidence.

It starts with diet and exercise, and we recommend you look at our range of Lighter Life supplements.

You might like to start with our Formula Power supplement.
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