Nutrition - the fuel that feeds and naturally heals the body.

It is only possible to achieve a fully energetic, optimal life by taking care with what food and drink you consume, and by ensuring that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. A balanced diet is essential - and supplementation can really help you to achieve the best level of nutrition possible.

For instance, Pro-Zyme and Zymerite - both excellent sources of essential Systemic Enzymes. These are delicate nutrients that are easily destroyed by processing and cooking food, and therefore often deficient in a modern Western diet.

Nuique - a High Purity Algae Omega 3. Surprisingly fish don't produce omega 3 - they contain it because they EAT ALGAE (who knew!). So by cutting out the 'middle fish', we harvest our Omega 3 for Nuique directly from pure algae grown in a controlled environment. This means that the oil is unpolluted, free from toxins and heavy metals such as mercury. Nuique is also fully sustainable, and 100% suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Nuique Omega 3 carries both the Vegetarian Society and Vegan stamp of approval too!

To truly substantiate importance of having the Essential Fatty Acid Omega 3 in your diet, here is an excerpt taken from the BBC Two TV programme 'Trust me I'm a Doctor'
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Multiplus is a multi vitamin, multi mineral and herb food supplement, packed full of goodness.
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