Men are notoriously awful at taking care of themselves - that's a well known fact!

The Proslan P8 range of nutritional supplements specifically designed for men by men.

With high quality ingredients focussing on men's health, they are easy and convenient tablets for any man to take. Both Nutri-Health and Wholesale Nutrition have a long history of providing highly regarded supplements for men aged 40+.
  • Our best-selling supplements, P8 and Proslan-P8 are very similar in formulation. They are both excellent products that we recommend very highly. If you are a long time Nutri-Health or Wholesale Nutrition customer, please choose the product you prefer - if you are a new client, either will serve you very well.

  • P8 Plus is an enhanced formulation for men 50+ or approaching that age.

Please note due to the introduction of the European Health Claims Regulations - the health claims provided by Nutri-Health about our range of nutritional products are more tightly controlled.

For further detailed information about these Regulations - simply click on the following link:Department of Health - Update on Nutrition and Health Claims

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Proslan P8 - 90 Tablets
Leading Food Supplement for Men containing vital vitamins and minerals. *Improved Proslan Formula*
ProsLan P8 X 3
Special Offer 3 X Proslan P8
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